Giants PVP.ME alliance

PVP.ME & Spains leading esports club, Giants Gaming announce officially a sponsorship arrangement for 2017 During this year Giants Gaming CSGO team will be rebranded to Giants PVP.ME while they compete this year, we...

Tasks for balance

PVP.ME officially launches a new alternative to getting credit in your balance, instead of depositing money, you can now complete different actions and get paid!

CSGO Skins now available

We now publicly have enabled a Skins deposit system, from now on you will be able to increase your balance by adding skins. You can also buy skins with your balance at our shop,...


15 Days ago the PVP.ME Betting challenge began, users participated with an initial balance of 5000 gold coins, with the objective of growing their balance to reach the top, first place would take 50€...

PVP.ME Challenge +650€ in Prizes

  Welcome to the first PVP.ME Challenge, where everyone starts with 5000 coins and bet to generate the highest balance after 15 days.! The more you grow, the more raffles you enter! Sign-up is...

Become a PVP.me Affiliate

Become a PVP.me Affiliate

Today we are officially opening the PVP.me Affiliate program, anyone will have the opportunity of making money by growing their affiliate network having the guarantee that they are getting the best commission on the market...


Today PVP.ME announces the ESPORTS BETTING FOUNDATION, with this initiative we will share the profits from regional matches to the EBF and distribute it amongst local teams & non TIER 1 events.

Begginers guide to betting

In this guide we will be looking at what are some of the things you should learn before betting on eSport matches. If this is the first time you are going to bet, we highly...

Changing odds for higher profits

Here we will overview the benefits of been able to change odds that suit you best, so you can make more from your initial bet while controlling the risk involved.