Changing odds for higher profits

Here we will overview the benefits of been able to change odds that suit you best, so you can make more from your initial bet while controlling the risk involved.

Disclaimer: We recommend you read our article for beginners if you are new to betting.

Default odds guarantee a faster match, not higher returns.

When you are placing a bet you will be getting a suggested odd based on other bets in place, these odds are determined by the current market, and depending on the match, some markets are active even while the game is live, that means that there is always a chance the market can have higher odds for the current team you want to bet on, why settle on a 2.50 on an underdog when it might reach 4.00?

With you can set the odd to 4.00 and your bet will only go through if the market reaches that point, so you always have control on how much risk/reward you are willing to take, isn’t that awesome?

Bet & Chill. Use the open market duration to your benefit.

Some of our matches markets are open before the game & while the game is live until it¬†ends. While the market is open your bet can be matched with anyone willing to bet on the other side, matching your and his bet proportionally, if there is any bet amount pending it will match it with the next user. This means that because the market is constantly changing, there might be moments you are not online and can’t place a bet, but if you set your odds previously, just wait and it will be matched eventually once the suggested odds displayed in the market reach your odds.

You will have many unmatched bets.

But the ones you did and won have netted you a lot more, so your money is only at risk for the reward that suits you!



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